Help your employees and customers feel protected from any and all viruses, including COVID-19. Let’s Fog It electrostatic spraying is a simple and innovative way to disinfect your office or retail space. Let’s Fog It will make your business as clean and safe as possible. Contact us today.

Tasting Rooms/Restaurants

Let your tasting room and/or restaurant guests know you take their safety just as seriously as you do your own. Let’s Fog It electrostatic spraying will eliminate 99.9% of most viruses and bacteria upon immediate contact on all high-touch surfaces and in any small cracks or spaces. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable when out in social settings; allow Let’s Fog It to give a helping hand in making your tasting room or restaurant a safer place. Contact us today.

Senior Living Facilities

The impact of COVID-19 took a direct hit on many senior living facilities. Let’s Fog It electrostatic spraying provides a clean environment for your residents and employees with a 99.9% effective solution towards eliminating all viruses and bacteria from your facility. Contact us today.

About Us

Let’s Fog It is a locally owned and operated company based in Sonoma County serving the entire North Bay. 

Founded by owners Jon Foye and Valentina Viti who worked together at a local non-profit organization that provided support to wildfire victims, they identified another opportunity to support and serve their local community by keeping businesses safe and clean with minimal interruption to the normal day-to-day. Let’s Fog It is passionate about giving you that ‘extra peace of mind’  by taking care of your disinfecting needs so that you can focus on what’s most crucial ~ your business! 

We pride ourselves on having the utmost integrity and are passionate about keeping our community and businesses safe and thriving.  Learn More  about the benefits of disinfectant fogging and contact us today for a quote! 

About Let's Fog It company